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Flyers Come Up Short in a Thrilling New Years Battle

*Image courtesy of Elise Amendola, AP Photo

This game has been hyped and speculated about since even rumors started about a possible match-up on New Years Day for these two teams. Two old-time hockey teams facing off in a memorable sports event. The Flyers came in on a four game winning streak and played like the team who was coming out of a funk.

Despite losing the game in heart breaking fashion, the Flyers came away with a decently-played game and one point; bringing them within 2 points of the Rangers who currently hold the 8th seed even though the Flyers hold a game in hand.

Danny Syvret got his first NHL goal which adds to how memorable a day like the Winter Classic can be to these players. The Flyers carried the play for much of the game and were able to get some great shifts and shots at Thomas who played like the goalie who got a bid to Team USA this year. In the overtime period there was almost a sense the Flyers were about to win with some of their great chances, including one series of plays that saw Richards and Briere almost knock one in a few times if it weren’t for Thomas and a fanned shot by Briere. Even Dan Carcillo got into the history books now when he participated in the first ever Winter Classic fight and wound up winning it which got the crowd ready to go. All in all a good day for Flyers hockey that had everything but a win.

I’m not going to lie, it sucks they lost and it kind of soured my already “sucky” day, but it was nice to see the Flyers play as well as they did knowing that they probably were not ready for this game a week or two ago. Also, there seemed to be a good amount of orange and black there, and hearing “Let’s Go Flyers!” chants over the TV broadcast brought a smile to my face during the game.

They get back to work tomorrow when they end their 6 game road trip in Ottawa. They currently are 4-0-1 during this stint, and coming back home with 11 out of a possible 12 points on your trip is a great way to ring in the New Year and play some good hockey before the Olympic break (Richards, Pronger, Bartulis, Timmonen, Tollefsen… possibly Gagne or Carter if someone got hurt).


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The Magician Giroux Lifts Flyers Back to Winning Ways in Shootout

The Flyers won in a shootout. The Flyers won in a shootout. Just say that to yourself. Feels good, doesn’t it?

The Bruins came into last night’s game with their fair share of injuries and opting to let Tim Thomas get a rest since he played the night before in the win over Nashville. They were a team coming off a big win to visit a team that hasn’t played in pretty much a whole week. Ole-Kristian Tollefsen and Danny Syvret started simultaneously for the first time as Ryan Parent is still nursing an injury and Emery was still starting. How’d the Flyers fare?

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Quick Hits from the Weekend

*JVR with Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Okay so spending the weekend in enemy territory in Pittsburgh capped off a busy weekend filled with the debut of NFL Sunday football, there was some Flyers-related news buzzing around so here’s a quick recap of what’s gone on since our last update.

-Flyers unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys on Friday. There’s a gallery on the site here. They look pretty cool and I like them. Just wish they were more orange but that’s what happens when you’re the away team I guess… To quote Jeff: “They took the thirds (orange alternate jersey), inverted the colors, added a patch, that’s it”.

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Next Season’s Schedule

The NHL schedule was released last week. Save the date of October 2nd because the Flyers will be opening up their season at Carolina to take on Brind’Amour and those Hurricanes. Then on October 4th we will be in New Jersey to face the Devils before they finally come home. They’ll come back to Philadelphia on the 6th for a home opener versus the Capitals which should be a reception to a highly energized crowd. Hopefully, it will not be like last year’s home opener in which we hosted the Rangers to a 4-3 loss that saw us trying to come back way too late after being down 4-0.

Maybe starting out on the road versus a tough conference and division opponent will light a fire under their asses and start the season the right way so we aren’t looking for a win in the 6th game of the season. Nothing would be better than being 2-0 and coming home to a sell-out, crazed orange Wachovia Center crowd. Either way, looks to be a great season complete with great matchups and of course, the Winter Classic 2010 at Fenway Park which I hope to be attending.

Full schedule available on the Flyers official website.

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