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Slow Off-Season News Days, More on the Way

As the off-season progresses, there is less and less news since the big FA and draft day headlines that happened this month. However, here at The Broad Street Bully we have much planned. Firstly, my buddy Jeff is welcomed to The Broad Street Bully as he will now be a contributor to this blog; helping to update the site with news and his insight. Next, since news is not abundant at this time, we will be focusing on writing editorials and other features based on this off-season, the past season, and the upcoming one to get ready for what looks to be a promising year to wear orange and black as we are used to seeing (omit the worst season in our history in ’06-’07).

Stay tuned here for more updates over the coming days/weeks. Thanks for those who have read so far, we are doing our best to keep things interesting and entertaining while supporting our team. Spread the word about The Bully, let the Flyers passion get out.

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Signings Galore

Flyers have reportedly signed 5 new players. These include 4 new forwards: Lukas Kaspar, Krys Kolanos, Mika Pyorala and Jason Ward, with a new defenseman Joey Mormina to all one-year contracts. This is basically the Flyers signing some AHL-caliber talent that have some NHL experience in order to bolster our current roster with some depth. The Philadelphia Flyers official website has the full story and details about the new players. Kolanos, Pyorala, and Kaspar all have had some NHL time and according to Homer, “each player solidifies our organizational depth at the forward position”. Read the rest of this entry »

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