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Round 1: #2 Devils vs. #7 Flyers

Yesterday’s game sure as hell was something special. As I said yesterday, it was going to be a tough game. I’m stating the obvious there, but when you have two Atlantic division rivals going at it for a coveted last spot in the playoffs yet to be determined; wild things are going to be done. I missed the second and third periods, getting updates from friends with calls and texts while I was unable to be near a TV or radio. I finally got in the car with some friends to head back to a TV and I hoped I could catch overtime at least. But then I’m listening to the last minute of play in overtime on 610 WIP. Tim Saunders is calling it and I’m starting to get nervous… Can Boosh out-duel the Rangers in a shootout? Does this game really have to get decided by a skills competition?
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Win and You’re In

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That’s what the Flyers will be doing if they don’t win this afternoon. This game has everything a hockey fan could want. A game between two arch rivals for a shot at the Stanley Cup. If the Flyers win, they’ll be in 7th place and play either Buffalo or New Jersey. If the Rangers win, they will take 8th place and the Flyers will have 9th place; early golf season.

The Wachovia Center is sure to be rocking today for the 3 PM face-off. The playoff atmosphere will be imminent in this situation, cause I’m sure the Block Party is going full force right now as the Phaithful prepare to help cheer their Flyguys into a first round playoff berth. They’re going to need to score early and often to put away a Rangers team who, like the Flyers, has had trouble playing from behind. There’s going to be some desperate hockey played this afternoon…

The Flyers will be giving out their team awards prior to today’s game. Pronger will receive both the Bobby Clarke and Barry Ashbee award (MVP and Best Defenseman). Matt Carle will get the Pelle Lindbergh award (Most Improved), with the Yanick Dupre award (Best Character and Dignity, on and off the ice) and the Gene Hart award (Most Heart) both going to Ian Laperriere… a worthy candidate to say the least. The Toyota Cup is going to go to Richie since he has the most points with all of his appearances in the Three Stars of the game this year.

These awards don’t mean anything today. A win does. Pronger is probably in the locker room right now getting everyone ready. We need a veteran like that to make plays today and lead this team. Richie needs to be the team leader he always is and play his heart out. He needs to lead by example. Bring the physical game to this New York team, crash Lundqvist’s crease as much as possible, collapse around Boucher, score some goals. Do those things and I’m hard fought to see this team not making the playoffs.

And oh yeah, I want to be able to write a playoff preview on here this week, not have to shut down the blog until post-season happenings like FA signings, trades, and the draft. Crossing my fingers today.

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Fight Night in Philly; Hurricanes and Penguins Visit this Weekend

The Flyers got themselves into a wild game last night. From the drop of the puck, the two Atlantic division rivals clashed in a fast-paced, hard-hitting game. The first 10 minutes of the opening period flew by as there was only about two whistles during that span. The Flyers arguably controlled the pace of that period with 12 shots to the Rangers 6, and there was lots of great puck movement in the transition game and the defense did an absolutely outstanding job of keeping the Rangers to the outside and allowing our forwards to come in and help get the puck. Richie started things off early by dumping Brian Boyle in the opening minute of the game and then proceeded to knock down their top scorer Marian Gaborik later in the period.
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Flyers Have a Big Weekend Ahead

Well I’m back to school and I know updates have been very sparse, but I hope to continue to update as frequently and as much as I can. The Flyers have a huge weekend ahead of them as they play three Conference opponents with two of them being division rivals who are higher in the standings. Here’s some thoughts on what has been going on in Flyer country recently and such:

More recently, Laviolette has changed his lines up and personally I love the idea of Giroux playing with Asham and JVR. Last year, Asham and Giroux were playing on a line great together when they paired with Powe and Briere at times. I think JVR fits in well with them as he used his quickness and his size to fight for pucks. Giroux’s behind the back pass last night? RIDICULOUS. Powe seems to have found some room with the Richie and Gagne line, and I can’t help but like that call as well. It brings an active young guy in to break up the passing lanes and leave room for Gagne to get more confidence back… which brings me to the next point of my ramble…

Mike Richards has seemed to have stopped shooting the puck. He’s always been a young leader loved for his veteran-type play at times, one of those qualities sometimes being his patience with the puck. I’m all up for being patient, but when he’s on the rush he waits too long to make a decision and he gets snuffed or his pass gets knocked down. He needs to shoot if no ones open. Good things will happen, especially when guys like Powe are crashing the net and Gags is usually coming in late to snipe a rebound or something. I just get frustrated when he brings the puck in on a scoring opportunity and doesn’t get anything off of it. He was doing much better when he shot the puck. I love that Jeff Carter shoots the puck. I thought it was awesome that his line mates kept feeding him when he was in his hunt for the hat trick last night. Anyways, I digress.

Tomorrow the night the Rangers will be in town to continue their 6-game home stand. In comes a division rival that has the Flyer four points behind them with two games in hand and they need to make up for lost time and move up in the standings. Then on Saturday and Sunday, matinee games against the Hurricanes and Penguins, in that order (Penguins game being on NBC). The Flyers have been playing much better hockey since starting to come out of their slump going into the new year, and they need to continue it.

The last time they met the Rangers, Gagne had a hat trick in leading them to a 6-0 shutout victory at Madison Square Garden. They need to do what they did early in that game by attacking early, pressing the forecheck, and making Henrik Lundqvist work for every save. They can’t let a great goalie like that take over the game, and they need to contain players like Gaborik. Emery is back at his starting job, so he will take it tomorrow but I’d see Leighton possibly getting the start against his former team on Saturday and letting Emery handle the Penguins on Sunday. Updates this weekend.

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Flyers and Gagne FINALLY Get the Wheels Rolling and Win Four Straight

Wow. The Flyers came out to play last night at a pace that not many teams are accustomed to seeing them play. They opened up the game with each line throwing pucks at Lundqvist and set up an easy 6-0 win. Blair Betts’ goal in the first minute of the period was a simple play of his line getting pucks and traffic to Henrik and they did not waste any time putting one past him. Briere and Giroux had tallies later in the period before Gagne came out in the first 30 seconds of the 2nd and flushed out any hopes of New York coming back with their goalie change. The goal came simply on the fore-check and taking advantage of a turnover. He scored again later in the period with a great feed by Danny Briere on the 2-man advantage, and scored again with a nice set-up on the transition into the offensive zone.

The main two points about last night that I was happy with was the way the Flyers played throughout the game and Gagne’s hat trick and assist. Gagne simply because he has struggled to find his stride this year with setbacks from injuries, and this was a huge confidence builder for him. The Flyers were also in need of a confidence boost, and routing a divisional opponent 6-0 in their own building before heading into a huge New Year’s outdoor game is the way to get this team back on the right track. Four straight may be good, but they need to keep going. They just moved into the 8th spot in the conference, so let’s see if they can’t move it up a bit more with two more road games left on this 6 game road trip. Let’s win them both and bring them back to the Wach ready to do more good things. I agree with something that Bill Clement said during the Intermission Report last night: If the Flyers play at this pace every game, there will not be many teams who will be able to keep up with it.

Odds and Ends
Kimmo Timmonen was named to the Finland Olympic hockey team as well, bringing the total Flyers named to a team so far to a total of five.

Laviolette still has not decided who will start at Fenway, but Leighton is favored to start due to his great play as of late. I wouldn’t mind if he played because he’s earned it at the moment.

Have a good and safe New Year’s everybody. Happy Hangover watching tomorrow at 1 on NBC. Let’s go Flyers!

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Leighton Starting at the Garden Tonight; Olympian Flyers

Michael Leighton will be starting tonight in Madison Square Garden in what will be the Flyers last game of 2009 before the Winter Classic at Fenway on Friday. Laviolette still has not decided on who will start in Boston according to Flyers OnTheFly. Flyers look to go for four-straight tonight to carry momentum in what will be an exciting outdoor match-up on Friday. Wish I could have gotten tickets.

They also reported that Oscars Bartulis has been selected to the Latvian Olympic hockey team as well as Ole-Kristian Tollefsen for Norway. Pronger and Richie have both made Team Canada with Prongs getting the ‘A’ along with Crosby as Niedermayer will be wearing the ‘C’. Carter is apparently an alternate and will play if anyone goes down.

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