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Flyers Home Opener 2011

The Vancouver Canucks head into Philadelphia tonight when the Flyers return after starting the season 2-0 on the road to play for the first time in front of their home fans. The Flyers have turned in two solid 60 minute efforts on the road against the defending champions and one of their division rivals, and look to build on their early successes. Claude Giroux leads the team with two goals so far, and Ilya Bryzgalov leads the league with both save percentage and goals against average in the young season. The defense has been good with Pronger still slowly rounding back to form, and the offense has been tenacious on the forecheck and backcheck in creating turnovers and offensive chances. Ilya Bryzgalov has made some dazzling saves, and things seem to be working out just fine so far.

Bryzgalov’s presence has shown a lot to this team already besides his stats. Due to the change in forward personnel and goaltending, this seems more confident in their goaltender and not afraid to lose. Last year, it was clear that the Flyers were having trouble staying confident with their defense in the playoffs because of many soft goals being allowed towards the end of the year. When forwards are worrying about every move they make that can lead to allowing goal, it breaks up the flow of the game and their concentration. Our defense is packed with veteran leaders like Timonen and Pronger and stout younger defenseman like Meszaros and Coburn. If they can continue defending Bryz the way they have and let him make the saves he has to, there is no reason the Flyers should not be a very successful team this year.

The forward lines seem to be clicking as well, with Giroux and Jagr continuing their chemistry they built in the pre-season. Briere has yet to find the score sheet, but seems to be meshing with new linemates Simmonds and Voracek pretty well. First round draft pick Sean Couturier has also played very well in the first two games. He has been a major factor on the penalty kill and has displayed his all-around play that the draft reports talked about in the off-season. He makes things very hard on the Flyers in their decision making coming in the next couple weeks. Blair Betts returned to the Flyers after being deemed unhealthy by the Canadiens, and our contract limit and cap space are making it hard to keep these players. Brayden Schenn is likely for a call-up at some point this year, so we will have to see. Like I said in the past, this forward unit and team as a whole might need some time to get their stuff together; but don’t discount this team for a second. Filled with young talent up and down the roster, there is a very bright season and an even brighter future ahead of this team.

Face-off is 7:30 tonight, let’s see if the Flyers can take down the defending Western Conference Champions.

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2011 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals: Philadelphia (2) vs. Buffalo (7)

Like last year’s playoffs, the Flyers have a ton of expectations on their shoulders. Last year before the first round, I alluded to my experience at a Phish concert the previous summer and frontman Trey’s bold prediction. Last summer, I attended the Phish festivities in Camden again, and Trey made another prediction:

That vacuum solo included the crowd chanting “Let’s Go Flyers!” and it continued throughout the night. So, is Trey finally right this time?
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I’m Still Alive

Not to sound like Eddie Vedder here, but I’m still alive and well. Haven’t updated in almost a month. The Gagne news crushed me, and there wasn’t anything I could say about it that wasn’t being said elsewhere. There hasn’t been much else to write about with our salary cap situation and such. I’ve been working a lot and trying to get some vacation time in before heading back to school. The Flyers have re-signed all their RFAs, including Coburn, Carcillo, and Powe. Powe is a great signing because Blair Betts is one of the many Flyers to go under surgery, and he probably won’t be ready to do full-contact until late September or early October. I’ve read that it could be November before he plays, so let’s hope Powe steps up to take Betts’ role.

I’ll have more to write when things start happening. I’ll be sure to do a “Meet the New Flyers” and Division Preview again, but that won’t be for a while. The good news is, hockey is about 2 months away. Gotta love it.

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Flyers Force Game 7!!!!

Last Friday night the Flyers were going into Game 4 at home down 3-0 and not many people thought they could actually come back and win against a defensively-sound Bruins team. The fans kept the noise going at the Wachovia Center to help their Flyers avoid a sweep and send the series back to Boston where not many people thought they could win in a hostile building. Well, Game 4 ended in dramatic fashion with Boston evening things up late in the 3rd and forcing overtime. The returning Simon Gagne became the hero and scored the game winner to extend the series to at least 5 games. Game 5 exhibited great play by the Flyers as they took advantage of the Bruins who came out pretty flat for the game. Locking up defensively and getting some offensive help, the Flyers easily took the game 4-0 even after losing Brian Boucher to injury and having to put Leighton back in. The series was going back to Philly for a Game 6, and a must-win for Boston…
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Time for a Rebound?

After how excited I was about Tuesday night’s game, I’m a little timid about tonight’s. Will tonight make or break our season? No, but I sure as hell am tired of getting commented on these Facebook groups to bring a Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium between the Pens and Flyers. These kids think they know everything about hockey because they watched us get smashed the other night. That’s all they talk about, and yet I bet over half of them don’t even know who Mario Lemieux or Rick Tocchet is. I guess Philly sucks according to these guys, but I’d take it over Pittsburgh any day. That city is miserable.

Besides that, the Flyers have a big game tonight. Blair Betts returns to the line-up after re-injuring his shoulder. Will he be our savior tonight? I’m hoping for it. Nodl and Backlund were sent back to Adirondack.

Come on Flyers, you need this. I need this. Your fans need it. Send Pittsburgh home without any points. Get the two points tonight and practice hard until Saturday afternoon when the Rangers come to town. Let’s do this.

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Furious, angry, helpless, pissed off, agitated.

That’s how I felt last night when I watched that game. I can’t even tell you what happened last night…

The good news?

We have another crack at them tomorrow and Flyers OnTheFly has reported that Blair Betts will return for that game. Gagne and Powe are set to come back within a game or two of Thursday.

Remember, the Flyers are 10-3 with Betts in the line-up, so maybe that’s something to look forward to. If they do not win on Thursday, I expect something drastic to happen. Those rumors of Pronger getting the ‘C’ or someone getting traded? Very likely if it comes to that point.

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No Where to Go But Up From Here

The Flyers got mauled by the Devils on Saturday. For some reason, my love for this team led me to believe everything was going to be okay and they’d pull through because they had lost so many games prior. Flyers are 2-8-0 in their last 10… and tonight they face the Eastern Conference 5th-seeded Boston Bruins in their last game before they face each other on New Years Day at Fenway (rhyme!). Then tomorrow and Thursday will be a home and home with the Pens before wrapping it up with a home game on Saturday hosting the Rangers. This team needs to get through this week, and hopefully with some points. Here’s a few things to think about:

-Some of our injured players are going to be back sometime next week at the earliest. Powe, Betts, and Gagne have all been getting ready to get back on the ice and we cannot forget how valuable all 3 of these guys are, especially defensively. All of them are great penalty killers and are very effective in the offensive zone as well.

-They are going to be worked and worked. I don’t see Laviolette giving up any time soon.

-There’s been talks of trades if the Flyers don’t pick it up before the month ends, but I’m not sure how much I believe that.

-Turnover extraordinaire Braydon Coburn is out with an ankle injury so OKT will be back in the line-up. Maybe he can do some good? I’d like to see Parent or Bartulis paired with Timmonen.

-At least the Eagles are in first.

-…they can’t get much worse, right? They’re getting some key players back and this team is built for a playoff run. They need to get their heads out of their asses and play as a team. If Richie does not get his troops fired up, do you think they might emasculate him and strip him of his ‘C’? I don’t think they will, but someone needs to lead and this team needs to win. Feelings aside, if Pronger’s the better man to lead this team at this point, maybe the 24 year old needs to take a back seat for a bit. The Calder Cup Champions need to get over the loss of their favorite coach and grow a pair and play some damned hockey, because that’s the only way they’re going to win.

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