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We’re Back, Sorta.

We’re Back, Sorta.

Is there anyone out there?  GOOOOD MORNING VIETNAMMM.  The Broad Street Bully Blog is back, this time as a podcast/blog and we have a new home.  Please go check it out at, follow us on Twitter @TheBSBPodcast, and give us a listen when our podcast officially launches with our first episode next Friday August 28th!

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New Look

Image from 94.1 WYSP Radio

Hey everyone,

I changed the theme of the site to give it a different feel and I have way more time to update this then I did last semester and most of this one. I’ve still been following the Flyers as usual, but finding the time to write on here has been tough giving my unforgiving six class semester. I just started a new job that has a lot of down time which I usually am on the computer for… so it only makes sense to start writing on here again. Especially with the playoffs starting this week! I will be posting a playoff preview sometime over the next few days. Sorry to anyone who has actually been reading this and found me not updating. I’m going to try my best to keep updates consistent.


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Back in Action, Season Opener This Thursday

Just when I was getting ready to start updating on a regular basis again, I moved and my computer was broke. Finally have it fixed and settling in now, so let’s get ready to talk some Flyers hockey!

Since my hiatus a lot has happened in Flyerdom. Injury news, a whole pre-season of hockey action, and some tryout contracts.

  • Michael Leighton is hurt with a back injury, out for at least a month.
  • Lappy is hurt with post-concussion syndrome, out indefinitely.
  • Bill Guerin was offered a tryout contract at the start of pre-season much to the delight of many Flyers fans. When final roster cuts were announced today, Bill Guerin was on the list.
  • Flyers finished the pre-season 5-2-1, having the first four games end in shootouts.
  • Let’s start with the injuries. Lappy’s case is very unfortunate but it really is important for him to stay off the rink. I’m sure we’d all rather him be healthy than risk him causing more damage. His veteran presence will be missed in both the locker room and on the ice but for the time being he should definitely be out of action. Leighton’s case is really aggravating to me considering we rushed to sign Leighton before free agency and he apparently was experiencing some back pain this summer, yet nothing was done to prepare for a possible injured goalie. Backlund is on the Phantoms since he’s coming off hip surgery and has to clear waivers. This paves the way for Boosh to return to being the starter and Russian rookie sensation (try saying that 4 times fast) Sergei Bobrovsky. For now Boosh is going to be getting the workload, but don’t be surprised to see Bobrovsky(Bob) come in and play a game or two before the end of the month.

    When the announcement of Bill Guerin’s tryout contract finally got to me, I was pretty ecstatic to be honest. Guerin is a great veteran forward who is what a team who is close to winning really wants. He didn’t have a stellar pre-season however, and he was let go. I think if we had more cap space this could definitely have happened regardless of his play, but we are simply strapped for cash at this moment.

    I’ll be back with a game preview before the game on Thursday when the Flyers hope to ruin the homecoming of Pittsburgh’s new stadium.


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    I’m Still Alive

    Not to sound like Eddie Vedder here, but I’m still alive and well. Haven’t updated in almost a month. The Gagne news crushed me, and there wasn’t anything I could say about it that wasn’t being said elsewhere. There hasn’t been much else to write about with our salary cap situation and such. I’ve been working a lot and trying to get some vacation time in before heading back to school. The Flyers have re-signed all their RFAs, including Coburn, Carcillo, and Powe. Powe is a great signing because Blair Betts is one of the many Flyers to go under surgery, and he probably won’t be ready to do full-contact until late September or early October. I’ve read that it could be November before he plays, so let’s hope Powe steps up to take Betts’ role.

    I’ll have more to write when things start happening. I’ll be sure to do a “Meet the New Flyers” and Division Preview again, but that won’t be for a while. The good news is, hockey is about 2 months away. Gotta love it.

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    Back to Posting

    Well that was a lot longer of a hiatus than I thought it was going to be. A lot has happened since I last posted. The Flyers were starting their road trip and I was in Pittsburgh so I couldn’t watch the games. Then Phish was in town for two days and nothing productive was done, and then Thanksgiving, and then classes started back up and I’ve been pretty busy. So, I’m back… and oh yeah, a lot happened in Flyers country.

    Here’s a quick review of the events leading up to last night’s game:

    -Flyers were 2-8-0 in their last ten.
    -During that span, the Flyers did not score a goal in over 2 games.
    -The power play has been struggling immensely.
    -Emery was put on the IR yesterday.
    -And oh yeah, John Stevens was fired and Peter Laviolette was hired.

    A lot of happenings, and the Flyers pulled out a win last night at home against the Islanders 6-2. They’ve been saying the Flyers needed their young leaders to step up, and they did. Richards got it going with a power play deflection and a short-handed goal. Then Carter gets it going with a power play goal and and even strength goal. Then Giroux finishes it off with two of his own, one being on the power play. So that took care of some problems right there with goal-scoring and power play efficiency taken care of.

    As for Emery, he is undergoing surgery today for an abdominal muscle injury that has been torn and will miss approximately 6 weeks. Brian Boucher will be carrying the load for the Flyers but also expect Phantoms call-up Johan Backlund to get a chance to show his stuff sometime over the next week or so because the Flyers are going to be playing a lot of games before this month is over.

    “It could be a coaching thing or maybe just a slump this year but we need to be more consistent. I’d rather be consistently good then play great at times and falter at times when we need to play better. The Penguins and Rangers were victim to this during the year and got a new coach and they turned their seasons around. I’m not saying to fire Stevens because he’s proved he can coach our team. He just needs to know that he better come up with a better plan next year or his job may be in jeopardy.”

    That was a quote from my season review that I posted back in the summer. As you can see, the Flyers could not wait any longer and needed to find someone to shake the team up. John Stevens is of course the scape goat in this situation and it is not necessarily all his fault the Flyers were playing so bad, but sometimes you have to make a change like that in order to set yourselves up to win. I don’t have many problems with Stevens, and I hope he takes the offers that Holmgren offers him within our organization and stays with us or finds another job somewhere.

    However, Laviolette is a guy I’m starting to learn about and like. You could see his system starting to take more effect against Montreal after they got a practice in, and last night against the Islanders they seemed to understand it more and get some offense going (6 goals woot!). It is not going to be easy for our Flyers this year, but maybe that’s a good thing. Let our young core group learn their lessons now and get them out of the way and it WILL make them a better team in the long run.

    The Flyers have a very important month before the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day. It’s an Eastern Conference Showdown month as they host the Senators tomorrow and visit the Devils on Saturday. Then they go to Boston before having a home-and-home with the Penguins next week. This continues with games against the Lightning, Islanders, Hurricanes, Panthers, and two games with the Rangers. If the Flyers were to get some wins and start climbing their way back up the standings, now would be a great time because the opportunities are going to be there.


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    Vacation and What to Look For

    I’ve been on vacation the past week and the semester is starting soon, but that does not mean the Broad Street Bully won’t be updated as usual as soon as I’m back from sunny South Carolina. We have other features planned for these slow news weeks as training camp in September and the season in October inches closer. Look in the next week or so for conclusions on our “Meet the New Flyers” segment and new ones to be popping up. The free-agent market is still open, and the Flyers are still interested in Sykora so look for that as well. Summer’s ending and that only means one thing… Hockey is around the corner.

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    Slow Off-Season News Days, More on the Way

    As the off-season progresses, there is less and less news since the big FA and draft day headlines that happened this month. However, here at The Broad Street Bully we have much planned. Firstly, my buddy Jeff is welcomed to The Broad Street Bully as he will now be a contributor to this blog; helping to update the site with news and his insight. Next, since news is not abundant at this time, we will be focusing on writing editorials and other features based on this off-season, the past season, and the upcoming one to get ready for what looks to be a promising year to wear orange and black as we are used to seeing (omit the worst season in our history in ’06-’07).

    Stay tuned here for more updates over the coming days/weeks. Thanks for those who have read so far, we are doing our best to keep things interesting and entertaining while supporting our team. Spread the word about The Bully, let the Flyers passion get out.

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