Season Ends in Disappointment

10 May

To make the week of the Flyers getting swept by the Bruins, I was swamped in finals and had absolutely NO TIME to update the blog. I had a laundry list of things to say after attending Game 1, but due to my rigorous schedule I couldn’t get on a computer and talk about it. But here I am, school is done, the Flyers are done, and it’s summer break for me filled with work and enjoying the weather. The Flyers have a lot of questions to address this off-season, considering they were (supposedly) a deeper team this time around, yet fell WAY short of their expected exit. I think if the Flyers lost valiantly to the better team in a conference final or the cup finals, this pill would be a bit easier to swallow.

1. WTF do we do about goaltending?

2. How do we re-sign/replace all of our free agents?
(Leino, Zherdev, O’Donnell, Nodl, Carcillo, Powe, Boucher,Boynton)

3. Who do we dump in order to remedy our cap space that’s under $500,000? (About $430,000)

4. How will aging veterans Pronger and Timonen respond to their most recent injuries that both might require surgery?

The Flyers have a lot of options with free-agent goalies this off-season, and there are a good amount of young goalies on the market if the Flyers were looking to trade some of their bigger names in order to alleviate space and grab a goaltender until Bobrovsky can start. Signing free-agents is going to predicate on the cap space we have, and who we deem expendable. Timonen and Pronger, at this point, have until September/October-ish to get healthy. The window is closing for these guys.

I will be spending the next few weeks going more in-depth into these questions and preparing for free-agency, draft, and trades in the upcoming months.


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