Back in Action, Season Opener This Thursday

04 Oct

Just when I was getting ready to start updating on a regular basis again, I moved and my computer was broke. Finally have it fixed and settling in now, so let’s get ready to talk some Flyers hockey!

Since my hiatus a lot has happened in Flyerdom. Injury news, a whole pre-season of hockey action, and some tryout contracts.

  • Michael Leighton is hurt with a back injury, out for at least a month.
  • Lappy is hurt with post-concussion syndrome, out indefinitely.
  • Bill Guerin was offered a tryout contract at the start of pre-season much to the delight of many Flyers fans. When final roster cuts were announced today, Bill Guerin was on the list.
  • Flyers finished the pre-season 5-2-1, having the first four games end in shootouts.
  • Let’s start with the injuries. Lappy’s case is very unfortunate but it really is important for him to stay off the rink. I’m sure we’d all rather him be healthy than risk him causing more damage. His veteran presence will be missed in both the locker room and on the ice but for the time being he should definitely be out of action. Leighton’s case is really aggravating to me considering we rushed to sign Leighton before free agency and he apparently was experiencing some back pain this summer, yet nothing was done to prepare for a possible injured goalie. Backlund is on the Phantoms since he’s coming off hip surgery and has to clear waivers. This paves the way for Boosh to return to being the starter and Russian rookie sensation (try saying that 4 times fast) Sergei Bobrovsky. For now Boosh is going to be getting the workload, but don’t be surprised to see Bobrovsky(Bob) come in and play a game or two before the end of the month.

    When the announcement of Bill Guerin’s tryout contract finally got to me, I was pretty ecstatic to be honest. Guerin is a great veteran forward who is what a team who is close to winning really wants. He didn’t have a stellar pre-season however, and he was let go. I think if we had more cap space this could definitely have happened regardless of his play, but we are simply strapped for cash at this moment.

    I’ll be back with a game preview before the game on Thursday when the Flyers hope to ruin the homecoming of Pittsburgh’s new stadium.


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