One More Win

24 May

The Philadelphia Flyers are one win away from their first Stanley Cup Final in 13 years. It doesn’t feel like it, does it? I’m starting to get more and more Cup Crazy myself, and tonight’s game will be huge. The Flyers came out Saturday and weathered the storm. They let the Canadiens come out skating everywhere frantically with their home crowd behind them. They played their game and stuck with their system until eventually, the Canadiens had no room in the offensive zone and were dumping the puck in and making some terrible turnovers. Of course, Giroux and Leino’s goals were absolutely stunning with their dekes. Who will be the hero tonight? I have an idea of who might be:

Lappy came back on Saturday, but I hope he’s ready for tonight. This guy is going to step out on the ice tonight and the Wachovia Center will no doubt be giving him a thunderous standing ovation. He will do his job as usual and hear it from the crowd. Jeff Carter also returned on Saturday surprisingly, and had 4 shots and some good looks with his limited ice-time. He actually threw his body around and didn’t look like the guy who broke both of his feet recently. Carcillo and Nodl sat to bring these guys back, but I hope Carbomb understands what’s going on here. He is the odd man out in order to keep Leino on the team. Leino has been producing so much lately, so it made no sense to take him out. Asham has been playing great with Giroux and JVR, so keeping that line intact was also necessary. Carcillo will be back, if not this series than maybe the next. If not, he should be happy for his team because we definitely could not have gotten here without all of his drawn penalties, and his two key goals in the Devils series.

I’m expecting a Flyers win tonight. This bunch has been focused all playoffs, and they’re ready to take the Hawks on in the finals. Also, the Philly crowd is not going to let this game go back to Montreal. Expect the Flyers to try and take an early lead and get behind the crowd to submit the Habs. I predict Carter scores tonight.

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