Flyers Advance!

23 Apr

The Flyers beat my prediction and took the series in 5 games rather than 6. Doesn’t matter to me! Moving on in a series for the first time since we beat the Canadiens in the second round back in 2008. That feels like ages ago, so as a fan this is a good feeling. I’ll have a full series breakdown soon and a Semi Finals preview depending on who we play next week. Signs are pointing to the Caps, but they have to win first. The Flyers are the first team in the league to advance… AMAZING.

Claude Giroux and Danny Briere are stepping it up big time for the playoffs and they need to continue to do so. Our defense has been sound and Boosh has been excellent. Let’s hope this week off doesn’t kill us.

Playoff Beards
As many hockey fans know, the NHL playoffs bring a lot to the table as far as intensity and passion from the players and fans. One of the long-known traditions is the playoff beard which players grow out as well as many fans. I got a head start on my beard but I have refused to shave it since the Flyers clinched the playoffs. The Flyers are running their Beard-A-Thon again this year to raise money for Flyers Charities. The dancing guy you’ve seen at Flyers games the past few seasons, Shawny Hill, has his beard growing again to raise money. I’m asking you to check out his blog and Beard-A-Thon page and donate if you have any extra cash. Every dollar helps, and it’s for a good cause for some good fans who are asking you to pledge money on their manly facial hair. Let’s keep the charity rollin’ and Dancin’ Shawny dancing for the rest of the playoffs!


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