The Final 3 Games

06 Apr

First, here’s some interesting reads:

Adam Kimmelman from talks about Carcillo’s maturation into his role on the Flyers.

Bill Metzler of talking about tonight’s important match-upwith Toronto.

Eklund of writes about NHL conspiracy theories and opens it up for debate. The Flyers vs. NHL anyone? I don’t seriously believe there’s a conspiracy, but damn our reputation kills some calls for us sometimes.

Some clinching scenarios at stake tonight for some teams. Flyers aren’t one of them, barely holding onto 8th place.

Anyways, the Flyers tonight are going to Toronto and then to Madison Square Garden on Friday to end their season with a home-and-home against the Rangers. That’s going to be one scary series, considering the Rangers are breathing down our necks for a spot and they could easily take it from us. They are playing good hockey as of late, and they’re a division rival whom we always seem to have competitive games with.

But tonight they need to not focus on that series and win an ever-important game against a spoiler Toronto team who has also caught their stride; winning 6 of the last 10. It’s going to be a tough match-up tonight. Will the Betts line with Lappy and Car Bomb stay together and push the physical game? Can Car Bomb lure Colton Orr into more penalties? Boucher needs to hang tough as always, and hope he gains some confidence. Playing desperate hockey like this can be a good thing if they execute, as it prepares a team for the desperation of the NHL playoffs. There’s much at stake tonight, and a win would definitely help solidify a play-off spot that is going to be hard-earned come Sunday when they finish their season at home.


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