Flyers Come Back Big; Other Flyers Happenings

08 Feb

The Flyers have not come back from a 2 goal or more deficit all season, that is until tonight when the Flyers were down 2-0 against the New Jersey Devils late in the 2nd. A great breakout by Claude Giroux to James Van Riemsdyk led to the Flyers first goal, and with a little more than a minute later they would tie it up on another nice breakout. This time, it was Scott Hartnell feeding Jeff Carter across the slot to ram it home past Brodeur to close out the 2nd period tied at two. It would stay that way until Kimmo Timonen made a nice pinch into the offensive zone on the powerplay and brought the puck behind the net before finding his captain in front of the net for an easy slam dunk into the net to take the lead 3-2. These three goal scorers have been struggling lately and maybe they pick it up after some confidence-boosting goals tonight.

For those who watched the game, it seemed like it took forever for the Flyers O to get it going. They were getting shots and some quality chances, but an abundance of powerplays for the Devils put a choke hold on the Flyers offensive momentum for a good portion of the game. There were a few shaky calls, as usual. Carcillo seemingly got checked from behind, and fought the player who hit him; no penalty. At the end of the game, Timonen shoved Parise into the boards when fighting for the puck, and he got a boarding call. I also thought the Krajicek penalty was kind of soft. He took the body and I didn’t see him get his arms around the opponent, but he got called for holding anyway.

The Flyers travel to East Rutherford to take on the Devils again in this home-and-home series before doing the same thing on Friday and Saturday except with Montreal.

Draft or All-Stars in Philly?
The Flyers submitted a request to the NHL to bring the 2012 or 2013 All-Star Game to Philadelphia, something that has not happened since 1992 at the Spectrum. The Flyers also want to host an upcoming NHL Entry Draft which has never been hosted in Philly. That would be cool if they could at least bring the All Star Game here; I’d love to go.

Emery Still Out
Emery has been battling what Holmgren calls “hip tightness” and he has not played in the Flyers’ past 3 games after shutting out Calgary a week ago. Hopefully he comes back soon, even though Leighton has been pretty solid in his past 3 starts (minus a few plays against Minnesota on Saturday).


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