Homestand Ends with 8 Points Out of 12; The No-Goal Trend and New D-Man

31 Jan

The Flyers finished their homestand 4-2, with the two losses coming at the end of each game in disappointing fashion. They finished off the Islanders on Saturday in what was a pretty tight game. Now they go on a 3 game road trip through Calgary, Edmonton, and Minnesota before coming back home for those New Jersey Devils.

A successful homestand through and through, but it would have been nice to come away with the other points. It could have easily been a 6-0 homestand and we could be sitting pretty in the standings, but instead we’re still tightened up at the 6th seed. They have to take it to two Canadian teams this week who haven’t been able to make a lot of good things happen and have been losing a lot lately. However that may make them more dangerous than they appear and they can’t afford to lose any points, even if it is out of conference.

It’d be nice to see the Flyers win these next couple games as usual, especially with the growing trend of disallowing Flyers’ goals. Gagne at Pittsburgh earlier this month, Richards against Pittsburgh last Saturday, and Timmonen on the power play yesterday against the Islanders. The Gagne and Timmonen goals were actual goals, no argument about it. Hartnell hit Roloson after the puck went in, so it should be a goal. Richards’ goal was a shaky incident and the phantom high-sticking call on Gagne never happened. Malkin elbows Gags in the head, and they come together and start jawing. No high stick. I’m not saying the whole league is out to get us, but god damn it sure as hell fuels the fire for those conspiracy theorists who are into that kind of stuff.

New D-Man
The Flyers have signed Lukas Krajicek, a 6-3, 205-pound defenseman who was released by the Lightning this past week. This is to add depth after the injuries to Syvret and Parent and the lackluster play by OKT as of late. Maybe the change of scenery can help a young guy like Krajicek play better, but I see this as more of a cheap option for now to see how it pans out as the trade deadline draws closer. If it doesn’t I fully expect some sort of trade to happen by then for our defense.


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3 responses to “Homestand Ends with 8 Points Out of 12; The No-Goal Trend and New D-Man

  1. jd

    January 31, 2010 at 4:58 PM

    i hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but dammit if this past month hasn’t been proof…..

    • broadstreetbully

      February 1, 2010 at 2:16 AM

      Yes there has been tons of shitty calls our way this month. This year wasn’t so bad up until that point, but something has to give. Given Carcillo and Hartnell’s reps, I see a lot of calls go against them that shouldn’t have. Like Chico getting high sticked a few times this year and no call. Bull shit.


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