Flyers Keep the Ball Rolling

23 Jan

The Flyers are 3-0 so far in their home stand as of today, because they won a tough game against the Hurricanes. Although they didn’t play as dominant as they did the previous one against the Rangers, a win is a win, and two points are two points. They came our revving and the 4th line continues to “wow” people as Carcillo continues to show that the Upshall trade was not exactly what we thought it was. I know Scottie was a fan favorite here, but in all honesty, Carcillo is one of the players who has benefited most from the coaching change. Lav’s style is favorable to players like him and Darroll Powe. Powe is playing at a high level right now with two of our best forwards, and Carcillo continues to get better with two veterans who are helping him out. His discipline has been much better as of late and he has not taken as many stupid penalties since Laviolette has taken over. Carter and Pronger both scored to win the game, while Carter notched another one with an empy-netter with less than a second left.

There were a couple fights too, both by Lappy who beat both of his opponents. Arguably, one of those fights was needed as the Flyers came out flat in the 2nd period, but quickly found their skating legs again after the fight. With this win, the Flyers are now in 6th place in the East at 55 points, and are only 5 points behind the Senators and 8 points behind the Penguins. Speaking of which…

They come to town tomorrow in NBC’s game of the week. Let me tell you how excited I am to hear Doc and Pierre McGuire going to town on Crosby and Malkin genitalia. They’re highlighting this game like usual, pitting Crosby and Richards against each other. Of course it’s a good angle, and when Malkin comes in the mix, Carter usually does too. They’re all different players though, but I guess they need to market well and make some money (especially recently… Conan O’Brien made them pay).

Emery should start again tomorrow, and there isn’t much more to be said about it. They know what they have to do to win the game. Get these points now to go into the break. Chase Fleury out of the net again, control the neutral zone, and cut down on their great transition game. Pronger and Co. have played amazing lately, and they need to finish this weekend strong and enjoy a few days off before Atlanta on Thursday.

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