Flyers and Gagne FINALLY Get the Wheels Rolling and Win Four Straight

31 Dec

Wow. The Flyers came out to play last night at a pace that not many teams are accustomed to seeing them play. They opened up the game with each line throwing pucks at Lundqvist and set up an easy 6-0 win. Blair Betts’ goal in the first minute of the period was a simple play of his line getting pucks and traffic to Henrik and they did not waste any time putting one past him. Briere and Giroux had tallies later in the period before Gagne came out in the first 30 seconds of the 2nd and flushed out any hopes of New York coming back with their goalie change. The goal came simply on the fore-check and taking advantage of a turnover. He scored again later in the period with a great feed by Danny Briere on the 2-man advantage, and scored again with a nice set-up on the transition into the offensive zone.

The main two points about last night that I was happy with was the way the Flyers played throughout the game and Gagne’s hat trick and assist. Gagne simply because he has struggled to find his stride this year with setbacks from injuries, and this was a huge confidence builder for him. The Flyers were also in need of a confidence boost, and routing a divisional opponent 6-0 in their own building before heading into a huge New Year’s outdoor game is the way to get this team back on the right track. Four straight may be good, but they need to keep going. They just moved into the 8th spot in the conference, so let’s see if they can’t move it up a bit more with two more road games left on this 6 game road trip. Let’s win them both and bring them back to the Wach ready to do more good things. I agree with something that Bill Clement said during the Intermission Report last night: If the Flyers play at this pace every game, there will not be many teams who will be able to keep up with it.

Odds and Ends
Kimmo Timmonen was named to the Finland Olympic hockey team as well, bringing the total Flyers named to a team so far to a total of five.

Laviolette still has not decided who will start at Fenway, but Leighton is favored to start due to his great play as of late. I wouldn’t mind if he played because he’s earned it at the moment.

Have a good and safe New Year’s everybody. Happy Hangover watching tomorrow at 1 on NBC. Let’s go Flyers!

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