Time for a Rebound?

17 Dec

After how excited I was about Tuesday night’s game, I’m a little timid about tonight’s. Will tonight make or break our season? No, but I sure as hell am tired of getting commented on these Facebook groups to bring a Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium between the Pens and Flyers. These kids think they know everything about hockey because they watched us get smashed the other night. That’s all they talk about, and yet I bet over half of them don’t even know who Mario Lemieux or Rick Tocchet is. I guess Philly sucks according to these guys, but I’d take it over Pittsburgh any day. That city is miserable.

Besides that, the Flyers have a big game tonight. Blair Betts returns to the line-up after re-injuring his shoulder. Will he be our savior tonight? I’m hoping for it. Nodl and Backlund were sent back to Adirondack.

Come on Flyers, you need this. I need this. Your fans need it. Send Pittsburgh home without any points. Get the two points tonight and practice hard until Saturday afternoon when the Rangers come to town. Let’s do this.

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