The Pennsylvania Rivalry Continues

15 Dec

Last night’s game by the Flyers was one of the best games I’ve seen them play all year. They came out hungry, went after the puck, and I’ll be damned if they lost even ONE one-on-one battle along the boards last night. A notable performance was that of Claude Giroux, who was everywhere fighting for the puck. The whole team played great even after OKT went down and the defense had to pick up for his injury. The third period last night was their best third period of the season. They came out revving to go and thats what they need to do EVERY game. It was a team effort through and through. Although last night was great, I hope they put it behind them. Tonight is the night where we figure out whether this team is really turning it around.

I hate the Penguins, I hate Pittsburgh as a city in general. Everyone who knows me knows that. I didn’t like them back when they had Jagr and Keith Primeau catalyzed that series with his goal in the 5th overtime. I didn’t like them when they lost every game in the regular season, and I certainly don’t like the tough Pittsburgh fans who come out of the wood work every year now in the playoffs looking to fight or argue. For a fan base who was relatively quiet the past 15 years (and even when they were losing before firing Michael Therien last year as well), they sure do act tough and superior to us for a franchise like ours that prides itself on winning which is has done more than almost every team in the NHL (Canadiens). They just recently won their 3rd Stanley Cup, and those arrogant assholes think that Crosby and the Penguins are God’s gift to the world.

I won’t have that tonight. I’ve suffered too much along with the rest of you Philly Phaithful watching the Flyers have these mid-season struggles. Last night points to them potentially righting the ship and starting to compile some wins. The best way to climb the standings in this league is to put some wins together and get those 2 points on consecutive nights. If they don’t win tonight or Thursday, the talk is that there will be a trade coming soon. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Odds and Ends:

-Tollefsen sprained his knee and will be out approximately 3-4 weeks.
-Danny Syvret will be playing tonight, expect him to be with Bartulis on the third pair as Parent and Kimmo played pretty well last night together.
-Goaltender Michael Leighton was picked up on waivers this afternoon to add more depth. This move most likely comes to get Backlund back on the Phantoms and playing rather than waste this developmental time sitting on the bench watching Boosh play. Don’t expect to see Leighton around for long, and don’t expect him to see the ice; save for maybe one or two starts.
-Speaking of Boosh, he has played great lately and I’m totally happy with him carrying the load until a healthy Emery comes back and returns to the form he was in during the beginning of the season.


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