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Broad Street Bikers Trekking to Fenway

I came across an interesting story about two frat guys who are in the process of riding a tandem bicycle from Philly to Fenway to get to the Winter Classic and raise money for charity. They’re asking for donations, so I’m just trying to get the word out for a good cause; Charity and Flyers!

Here’s their site.

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Flyers and Gagne FINALLY Get the Wheels Rolling and Win Four Straight

Wow. The Flyers came out to play last night at a pace that not many teams are accustomed to seeing them play. They opened up the game with each line throwing pucks at Lundqvist and set up an easy 6-0 win. Blair Betts’ goal in the first minute of the period was a simple play of his line getting pucks and traffic to Henrik and they did not waste any time putting one past him. Briere and Giroux had tallies later in the period before Gagne came out in the first 30 seconds of the 2nd and flushed out any hopes of New York coming back with their goalie change. The goal came simply on the fore-check and taking advantage of a turnover. He scored again later in the period with a great feed by Danny Briere on the 2-man advantage, and scored again with a nice set-up on the transition into the offensive zone.

The main two points about last night that I was happy with was the way the Flyers played throughout the game and Gagne’s hat trick and assist. Gagne simply because he has struggled to find his stride this year with setbacks from injuries, and this was a huge confidence builder for him. The Flyers were also in need of a confidence boost, and routing a divisional opponent 6-0 in their own building before heading into a huge New Year’s outdoor game is the way to get this team back on the right track. Four straight may be good, but they need to keep going. They just moved into the 8th spot in the conference, so let’s see if they can’t move it up a bit more with two more road games left on this 6 game road trip. Let’s win them both and bring them back to the Wach ready to do more good things. I agree with something that Bill Clement said during the Intermission Report last night: If the Flyers play at this pace every game, there will not be many teams who will be able to keep up with it.

Odds and Ends
Kimmo Timmonen was named to the Finland Olympic hockey team as well, bringing the total Flyers named to a team so far to a total of five.

Laviolette still has not decided who will start at Fenway, but Leighton is favored to start due to his great play as of late. I wouldn’t mind if he played because he’s earned it at the moment.

Have a good and safe New Year’s everybody. Happy Hangover watching tomorrow at 1 on NBC. Let’s go Flyers!

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Leighton Starting at the Garden Tonight; Olympian Flyers

Michael Leighton will be starting tonight in Madison Square Garden in what will be the Flyers last game of 2009 before the Winter Classic at Fenway on Friday. Laviolette still has not decided on who will start in Boston according to Flyers OnTheFly. Flyers look to go for four-straight tonight to carry momentum in what will be an exciting outdoor match-up on Friday. Wish I could have gotten tickets.

They also reported that Oscars Bartulis has been selected to the Latvian Olympic hockey team as well as Ole-Kristian Tollefsen for Norway. Pronger and Richie have both made Team Canada with Prongs getting the ‘A’ along with Crosby as Niedermayer will be wearing the ‘C’. Carter is apparently an alternate and will play if anyone goes down.

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Flyers Go for Four Straight

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. A few more losses, Christmas, and some busy days for myself so I apologize for not posting. However, the Flyers have won their last 3 games and look to do it again at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night. This Rangers team is beatable and the Flyers played a decent game against them last time but they failed to capitalize on their chances and were not exactly tight in their own zone. Hopefully they can solve Henrik early to take some pressure off of a possible start by Leighton who has even surprised me with his somewhat solid play as of late. Boucher should be able play tomorrow night, but that won’t be announced until tomorrow most likely. This is the last game before the Winter Classic, so let’s see if they can do something with this.

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Time for a Rebound?

After how excited I was about Tuesday night’s game, I’m a little timid about tonight’s. Will tonight make or break our season? No, but I sure as hell am tired of getting commented on these Facebook groups to bring a Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium between the Pens and Flyers. These kids think they know everything about hockey because they watched us get smashed the other night. That’s all they talk about, and yet I bet over half of them don’t even know who Mario Lemieux or Rick Tocchet is. I guess Philly sucks according to these guys, but I’d take it over Pittsburgh any day. That city is miserable.

Besides that, the Flyers have a big game tonight. Blair Betts returns to the line-up after re-injuring his shoulder. Will he be our savior tonight? I’m hoping for it. Nodl and Backlund were sent back to Adirondack.

Come on Flyers, you need this. I need this. Your fans need it. Send Pittsburgh home without any points. Get the two points tonight and practice hard until Saturday afternoon when the Rangers come to town. Let’s do this.

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Furious, angry, helpless, pissed off, agitated.

That’s how I felt last night when I watched that game. I can’t even tell you what happened last night…

The good news?

We have another crack at them tomorrow and Flyers OnTheFly has reported that Blair Betts will return for that game. Gagne and Powe are set to come back within a game or two of Thursday.

Remember, the Flyers are 10-3 with Betts in the line-up, so maybe that’s something to look forward to. If they do not win on Thursday, I expect something drastic to happen. Those rumors of Pronger getting the ‘C’ or someone getting traded? Very likely if it comes to that point.

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The Pennsylvania Rivalry Continues

Last night’s game by the Flyers was one of the best games I’ve seen them play all year. They came out hungry, went after the puck, and I’ll be damned if they lost even ONE one-on-one battle along the boards last night. A notable performance was that of Claude Giroux, who was everywhere fighting for the puck. The whole team played great even after OKT went down and the defense had to pick up for his injury. The third period last night was their best third period of the season. They came out revving to go and thats what they need to do EVERY game. It was a team effort through and through. Although last night was great, I hope they put it behind them. Tonight is the night where we figure out whether this team is really turning it around.
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