Jones Claimed by Kings, Betts and Parent to Return Saturday

29 Oct

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Well according to the Flyers “On The Fly” portion of their website, Randy Jones has been picked up by the Los Angeles Kings on re-entry waivers. This means instead of his 3 million cap hit, we only take half of it. So who will be playing on the 3rd pair come Saturday?

The OTF update also pointed out that Ryan Parent and Blair Betts participated fully in practice today as they set their sights on returning to the line-up on Saturday. Besides the fact that we obviously miss Blair Betts on the penalty kill and face-offs, it was interesting to read that Ryan Parent may be coming back paired up with Kimmo Timmonen as Braydon Coburn is getting bumped down to the 3rd pair.

I expect him to be teamed up with Tollefsen for the time being unless Stevens has liked the way Syvret has been playing. It’s kind of a wash at this point because if you take out the game Tollefsen had against the Bruins, they have been doing just enough to keep their head above water with limited minutes but nothing to really to sway the position battle one way or another.

There have been talks about Brendan Shanahan with the Flyers but that isn’t too realistic at this point considering he has been talking to a lot of teams and our cap space is as limited as it is after taking on JVR, Betts, and Pyorala in the off-season. I mean, I signed him on the Flyers in my NHL 10 franchise a few weeks ago for $1.75 million, but that’s just a video game (insert laugh here). Shanahan is a good veteran even strength and on the power play and would be a nice insurance policy, especially since Gagne is hurt. However, there could be other moves made such as bringing up a Phantoms forward to take a spot as fans are calling for Cote to sit. That could be anywhere from Nodl, Ross, or Maroon. It’ll be interesting to see what Homer does over the next week or so with this Gagne injury and the upcoming schedule. Hopefully he has some ideas ready to bring our team back to the winning ways we started with this season.

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