Flyers Need a Spark; Questions Looming

26 Oct

The Flyers lost to the Sharks with Brian Boucher in net last night in a 4-1 decision at the Wachovia Center. This was coming after winning both at home against Boston on Thursday and Florida on Saturday. The Sharks were the hot team coming in and we walked away with not only a loss and a mere 11 points in 9 games, but Gagne apparently has a lower body injury and hopefully it’s not a re-aggravation of that groin injury from Olympic camp this past August. We will have more on that tomorrow after he has more tests done.

That being said, the Flyers have another tough opponent in the Washington Capitals when they visit them tomorrow night. They need to start getting in a groove and playing like they did the first 3 or 4 games where they without-a-doubt were either dominating opposing teams or playing very good hockey to their strengths. The last time the Flyers played the Capitals it was an overtime winning goal by Danny Briere which ended the track meet of a game during their home opener with Mike Richards recording a hat trick and Ovechkin scoring two goals for the Capitals. I don’t mean to overlook the rest of the season, but this is the closest to a must win the Flyers have had so far this season. This team needs to gel and play like the talent they have on the roster on a consistent basis. Taking down a huge Eastern Conference opponent twice is a good way to get that going before coming back to the Wachovia Center on Halloween to face the Hurricanes. Even though the division mostly has games in hand, we’re even on games with the Devils and remain a point behind and by 6 and 7 points to the Rangers and Penguins, respectively.

I hope this team gets something going soon because they cannot afford to lose back-to-back games. It is not good for business of a Stanley Cup-favored team to be doing so and they need to prove themselves tomorrow night. I’m tired of Penguins “fans” trying to bash us after one game and some close calls that almost led to suspensions. Mike Richards a crybaby? Give me a break. Avoiding media questions all of a sudden means we have trouble brewing in our locker room? He’s more of a silent leader, he doesn’t need to talk to the media to lead our team. I don’t know, but these fans coming out of the wood work to bash one of the most loyal fan bases in hockey is really starting to piss me off. You don’t see me dedicating my Flyers blog to calling Crosby bad names. The Philly Phaithful does that enough, and I’m starting to get tired of the Crosby Sucks chants at games. Maybe if we chanted for our team more than an opposing player, we might do a little better.

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