Our Team is Better Looking Than Yours

14 Oct

The Flyers know they’re good looking, or maybe Scotty Hartnell does. It’s the annual team-building week during this little early-season break and the guys are in Florida. They got to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Monday to participate in a regatta-style boat race and fishing tournaments among other activities and team practices to bond during this week off before visiting the Panthers on Friday. As you remember, the Flyers have been doing this consistently the past couple years. I’m guessing the guys like this year a lot better than West Point. It’s real nice to see this though because there’s a lot of pressure on this team and we need them to be ready for anything and together. Winning the Stanley Cup is no easy escapade, and these guys know that so hopefully this not only brought the new faces on our team closer to the old ones but also set the tone for having a focused and disciplined season.

Full gallery can be seen here.

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