Sbisa and Lupul Return to the Wachovia Center

10 Oct

Many heads turned during the Flyers’ blockbuster trade this past off-season where they traded 25 goal-scorer Joffrey Lupul and promising defensive prospect Luca Sbisa along with two first round picks for Chris Pronger and AHL forward prospect Ryan Dingle. It seems like so long ago since that trade happened, and now we’ll be able to see Pronger take on his old team tonight.

The game the other night has been reviewed and recapped plenty of times. Look elsewhere for that I’m not going to rehash the obvious: sloppy play in our own zone and turnovers led to that loss. I love the fight they had in them till the end though, even if Letang did accuse Hartnell of biting his hand (which Hartnell never got punished for as they found out that he did not bite him). There’s 5 more games against the Penguins this season, we’ll take it from there.

The story tonight is how will this new Flyers team respond to a tough division loss? Will the inclusion of veterans LaPerriere and Pronger get that locker room going? Hockey is an 82-game season and you have to expect losses, but good teams usually find ways to not lose more than one game at a time. They’re facing a 1-1-1 Ducks team tonight, but don’t let that fool you. This roster has the talent of Selanne, Lupul, Ryan, Perry, Getzlaf and Koivu to score goals and having Giguere in net will be no easy task for the Flyers. I’m looking for them to come fired up tonight on their home ice and take a win back. We have one more game at Florida before a long break so let’s get this one tonight.

Notes about tonight’s game:
Giroux has been skating with Richard’s line more in practice, so look for him and Pyorala to switch up spots a bit. James Van Riemsdyk will not play again tonight and he probably won’t until next week after this break. Emery will get the start tonight, perhaps Boosh will get the nod against the Panthers?

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