Flyers Homecoming Ends in OT Victory; Injuries Afoot

07 Oct

What a game last night. From the minute I walked into the building it was a playoff atmosphere. The Wach was absolutely electric. Even at times when we were losing, the fans were revving it up with “Let’s Go Flyers” chants and taunting Ovechkin. I never heard so many cheers in my life when Ovechkin fell over himself twice and Hartnell scored the game tying goal very late in the third. Thankfully, Knuble got a warm reception last night but he was very quiet during last night’s game. To top it off, we saw the Danny last night where he hustled and got on the back check. Good stuff Danny.

The only bad part about last night’s game was the bit of sloppy play from the few turnovers we gave up. Luckily most of them were stopped by Emery or went wide… but we can’t rely on that all the time. Luckily our team can score as Richie made me throw my hat with his 3 second period goals and team-leading 4 hits. The 5 goals Emery gave up last night were not all his fault. The defense didn’t give him much to work with during those turnovers and he made some great saves last night. A few calls were questionable, including the no-calls when Blair Betts and James Van Riemsdyk were injured. Betts was diagnosed with a separated shoulder and should miss the next month of action which is not good news for us Flyers fans. He was a face-off and penalty killing machine. Having him and Lappy on that 4th line with Carcillo brings a lot of hard work to the table but we’re expecting to see Lappy take over center duties on the 4th line and possibly Cote or Asham taking that place. James Van Riemsdyk was ridden hard into the boards and may have a concussion. He did not practice today, and is listed as questionable for tomorrow night’s game. If he does not play, expect Asham to take his place on the 3rd line and Cote will play on the 4th most likely.

Danny Syvret also had some reps at forward today as Tollefsen and Boucher were taken off the IR the other day as Bourdon and Backlund were sent back down. Expect both Tollefsen and Boucher to make their debut this week. Tollefsen could possibly play tomorrow in lieu of Syvret sitting or playing forward. I’m speculating that Emery will get the start tomorrow and Boucher will get the start on Saturday against the Ducks to give Emery a rest. It would only make sense considering Boucher was in the Western Conference next year and I’m sure the whole team wants to give us our best chance to beat the Pens at home tomorrow night. This whole season had the idea of taking down the Pens in mind as we made some changes on our team, so everyone will be watching this game closely.

If we can finish this home stand against the Pens and Ducks with another 2 wins and starting the season 5-0, it will make a world of difference going into the rest of the season compared to last year’s slow start.

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