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Flyers Crush the ‘Canes

Scott Hartnell scored with 2 assists, Braydon Coburn scored twice, Matt Carle scored on a wraparound with 2 assists, Van Riemsdyk scored with an assist, and David Laliberte who got his first shot in the NHL tonight from the Phantoms scored and got an assist in a thrashing of the Carolina Hurricanes this afternoon in front of a loony Halloween Philadelphia crowd. Filled with costumes, craziness, and “Let’s Go Phillies” fever spreading, the Flyers showed everyone that the Phillies may be defending their title; but the Flyers are still playing too as they cruised to a 6-1 win. Carolina outshot us 40-28, but it did not matter as Emery was nearly perfect making 39 saves helping the Flyers improve to 6-4-1.
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Injury Woes Continue with Briere

CSN Philly’s Tim Panaccio reported today that Danny Briere is experiencing “lower body soreness” in the groin or adomen area and left practice early today. Apparently it was tweaked in the Washington game on Tuesday and he has been feeling pain since. This comes as GREAT news for the Flyers who are just getting over the Parent and Betts injuries and are without Gagne at the moment as well.

Panaccio also states that Gagne’s trip to Montreal to see his orthopedic surgeons did not accomplish much as he is having more tests done today because he got two different opininions from his different doctors.

Don’t expect to see Briere play for at least the next week, depending on how serious it is. Keep in mind that he hurt his groin last year too, so hopefully this isn’t a recurring injury like it was before.

Regardless, the Flyers have a Halloween game tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what team comes to play. With Betts in the line-up, hopefully things will get better and they take it to the Hurricanes tomorrow. I’ll be at the game so expect a recap tomorrow night or Sunday depending on what’s going on. It’s a busy Philly weekend. Going to the Flyers game tomorrow, watching the Phillies after, then going to the Birds/Giants on Sunday and watching the Phillies after.

We’ll have more on the two little French-Canadian men and their injuries as it becomes available.

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Jones Claimed by Kings, Betts and Parent to Return Saturday

*Image courtesy of Souvenir City

Well according to the Flyers “On The Fly” portion of their website, Randy Jones has been picked up by the Los Angeles Kings on re-entry waivers. This means instead of his 3 million cap hit, we only take half of it. So who will be playing on the 3rd pair come Saturday?

The OTF update also pointed out that Ryan Parent and Blair Betts participated fully in practice today as they set their sights on returning to the line-up on Saturday. Besides the fact that we obviously miss Blair Betts on the penalty kill and face-offs, it was interesting to read that Ryan Parent may be coming back paired up with Kimmo Timmonen as Braydon Coburn is getting bumped down to the 3rd pair.

I expect him to be teamed up with Tollefsen for the time being unless Stevens has liked the way Syvret has been playing. It’s kind of a wash at this point because if you take out the game Tollefsen had against the Bruins, they have been doing just enough to keep their head above water with limited minutes but nothing to really to sway the position battle one way or another.

There have been talks about Brendan Shanahan with the Flyers but that isn’t too realistic at this point considering he has been talking to a lot of teams and our cap space is as limited as it is after taking on JVR, Betts, and Pyorala in the off-season. I mean, I signed him on the Flyers in my NHL 10 franchise a few weeks ago for $1.75 million, but that’s just a video game (insert laugh here). Shanahan is a good veteran even strength and on the power play and would be a nice insurance policy, especially since Gagne is hurt. However, there could be other moves made such as bringing up a Phantoms forward to take a spot as fans are calling for Cote to sit. That could be anywhere from Nodl, Ross, or Maroon. It’ll be interesting to see what Homer does over the next week or so with this Gagne injury and the upcoming schedule. Hopefully he has some ideas ready to bring our team back to the winning ways we started with this season.

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Jones Making a Comeback

Simon Gagne was placed on long-term injury today which means he will be out for at least 10 games and with that Randy Jones is moved back up to the Flyers if he clears re-entry waivers. This is a concern because Ryan Parent’s injury must be a bit more serious and it seems Holmgren expects to see him sitting out more time as well. Hopefully Jones takes this opportunity and runs with it but I never liked Jones too much so my confidence in him is waning.

My guess is Jones will be paired with Tollefsen and Syvret will move back down, but it all depends on their decision; keeping in mind that Tollefsen is injury-prone.

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Jose Theodore and Missed Oppurtunities Hand Flyers a Loss

I’m not going to analyze the whole game, and I know I said tonight was close to a must-win, but I had to be happy with that 3rd period effort. The Flyers were pressing for much of that 3rd period and Jose Theodore had an outstanding game to blank the Flyers after the first period.

Good things to take from this game:

Both of the goals came on the power play. One from Scotty Hartnell with a nice pass from Richards and more importantly, the second from Coburn after JVR took Knuble’s spot right in front of the net to cause trouble for the goalie. Coburn’s goal is HUGE because hopefully it creates a little confidence in him after he has been on the ice for most of the goals the Flyers have let in and has been somewhat of a turnover machine throughout the first few games.

Even without Gagne who fills a big power play, penalty kill, and even strength presence; the Flyers played against an offensive power house and managed to go down to the wire in their loss.

Emery played a very strong game and I was very happy with the way he fought for sight of the puck and for the loose pucks in front of him (especially that penalty kill in the 2nd period).

We need to stop juggling these lines and find some chemistry with them, and hopefully with the return of Betts on Saturday we will start to see more consistency.

Gagne’s injury is apparently new and he will decide whether or not he will get surgery tomorrow. We hope for a speedy recovery for him as he wasn’t looking very healthy the way he was skating around early this season. I hope he comes back 100% and doesn’t rush it, we have enough depth where I’d want him to be good to go late in the season rather than risk his health now.

Flyers have off until they come back home on Halloween this Saturday to host the Hurricanes for a 1 PM face-off.

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Flyers to Washington Tonight

Cote will be replacing Gagne in the line-up tonight as Gags is getting more tests done today. Anthony Sanfilippo from the Delco Times reports that because of this change that the lines were “juggled” again. Carter is still skating with Briere and JVR, but Richards saw time with Pyorala and Hartnell while the third line remained Claude Giroux centering Asham and Carcillo. The 4th line will be Powe skating with Lappy and Cote as we anticipate the arrival of Blair Betts who without a doubt has been a huge missing puzzle piece to this team since we started. Having him for face-offs, penalty killing, leading his line/the rest of the team, and all-around good gritty fore-check and defensive play is more valuable than anyone could imagine. Emery should be getting the start to a “hostile” Caps crowd. Six years ago I wouldn’t have called it that, but hey times have changed.

As said in yesterday’s post, the Flyers need to do everything in their power to win this game and set up for a Halloween win at the Wach against the Canes on Saturday. Hopefully all this Phillies fervor will get them going or something. Blair Betts may make his return on Saturday and Ryan Parent may come back early next week. Let’s see what happens tonight.

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Flyers Need a Spark; Questions Looming

The Flyers lost to the Sharks with Brian Boucher in net last night in a 4-1 decision at the Wachovia Center. This was coming after winning both at home against Boston on Thursday and Florida on Saturday. The Sharks were the hot team coming in and we walked away with not only a loss and a mere 11 points in 9 games, but Gagne apparently has a lower body injury and hopefully it’s not a re-aggravation of that groin injury from Olympic camp this past August. We will have more on that tomorrow after he has more tests done.
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