2 Pre-Season Losses and Gagne Returning Tuesday?

18 Sep

Okay so it’s pre-season. Losing deciding games to Detroit 3-1 and to Toronto 4-0 last night. The good things to take from it is that it’s only pre-season, and the lone Flyers point was recorded by James Van Riemsdyk’s goal versus the Red Wings on Wednesday night. Emery was solid in the two periods he played on Wednesday; stopping 23 of 25 shots. JVR and Finnish tryout Mike Pyorala have been turning heads during camp as well as the younger guys hoping to land a spot on the Phantoms on Flyers. That being said, there isn’t much to take from these two games as hockey is a sport where line chemistry is a big deal and we haven’t played most of our veterans together so it is hard to see how they will pan out. They have tonight off before playing at Toronto tomorrow night, however the rest of the games will not be televised like last night’s was on NHL Network.

In other Flyers related news, Gagne is projecting his earliest comeback to the ice will be on Tuesday when they finally play a home pre-season game versus the Red Wings. I’m not holding my breath for this one. His injury is more of a nagging one so I’d rather him get rested and healthy so he can score 40 goals this season. Basically, hockey pre-season sucks and it’s boring.

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