Sykora Still In The Running; Nabokov Willing To Waive NTC

23 Aug

Latest news from Eklund over at Hockeybuzz is saying that Sykora has narrowed it down to two teams.

Several sources this morning have told me that Sykora is down to two teams. Philly and Buffalo. Nashville was a factor, but apparently the signing of Marcel Goc has probably taken them out of the running.

Members from seem to question some of the validity of Eklund’s rumors though.  Results are still waiting to be seen.

On a different note, Evgeni Nabokov has said he will be willing to waive his no trade clause if the Sharks need him too.

Pollak notes that’s different from Evgeni Nabokov’s response last month to the same question, saying he’d waive his clause if management asked him to do so.

The Flyers can strike while the iron is hot here.  See what the Sharks will take for Nabokov and a random for a package of something like Gagne, Emery, and Jones.  The Flyers are a goalie away from contending and they have enough offensive depth that losing Gagne will be a bruise, but not anything more.  They went to the ECF without him, they can manage themselves next year too.


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