Kings and Flyers are Talking Again

04 Aug

Raitis Ivanāns. Sound familiar? Don’t be upset if you don’t recognize his name, but this guy is the “tough guy” and enforcer for the LA Kings. According to the daily rumors at HockeyBuzz by our favorite guy, Eklund, the Flyers and Kings are talking again with the Flyers having interest in Ivanāns. Why would the Flyers be going after another player like this? Cote and Carcillo are already on the cap with little to no offensive threat in their game. Asham also is another tough guy player but he can put 10 goals in a year on occasion. This may just be a drop off point for Randy Jones to be traded, we swipe him for Ivanāns, and maybe he can play on the Phantoms? Who knows. More as it develops.

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Posted by on August 4, 2009 in Flyers Talk and Other


One response to “Kings and Flyers are Talking Again

  1. jeffdeangelis

    August 4, 2009 at 8:18 PM

    This is probably to dump Jones’ salary and re-stock the Phantoms. Throw Cote in on the trade too, make it more worth while.


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