LeClair to U.S. HoF, More Rumors

30 Jul

The Flyers have reported that John LeClair will be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame along with other great players such as Tony Amonte and Tom Barrasso. This is great news for LeClair, who was the first American-born NHL player to have three consecutive 50-goal seasons and totally deserves the nod to the HoF. As a guy growing up watching the Flyers, LeClair was one of the first Flyers I remember and it excites me to know he’s going to be immortalized in the Hall.

Eklund at reports that the Flyers are still interested in Sykora. However, the other thing he brought up this morning was the fact that the Los Angeles Kings are “very high” on Randy Jones. Could a trade be coming soon?

The past week it’s been full of speculation with all these rumors and visits but one thing is for sure; Paul Holmgren has been working his ass off this offseason with an aggressive approach to make our team better. Whether Randy Jones goes or not, it’s still going to be hard to work a signing with our backs up against the cap wall. If we want Sykora that bad, then Jones or somebody is going to have to go. Perhaps trading Jones to LA for a prospect or a player to play on the Phantoms would work in our favor jut so we could clear cap room and still get someone in our system. Hopefully there will be more answers soon.


One response to “LeClair to U.S. HoF, More Rumors

  1. jeffdeangelis

    July 30, 2009 at 10:31 PM

    the flyers were rumored to be looking at the kings or the coyotes to offload some cap space but the kings seem like the only legitamite option with the coyotes organization being so fuckered.


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